Regina Sahayamary, a very young lady, is a part of our Differently-Abled Empowerment Programme at CHF. Her father drives an auto for a living.

She grew up as a very cheerful child running about happily but when she was in 5th grade suddenly her limbs became inactive due to polio. Her parents tried various medical treatments which had no effect on her limbs. The damage was irreversible. Her parents wished for her to continue to go to school so they carried her, but Regina felt embarrassed and depressed because she knew she was now different from the rest. She could no longer walk to the classrooms or climb up stairs like her friends. She went into a cocoon and was not willing to move out of her shell. She dropped out of school and now helps her parents at home. 

Initially she was very reluctant to come to our Center at Ennore. However our staff visited her relentlessly and encouraged her to come. Finally she agreed to come for the International Day of Persons with Disability. After coming to the Center, Regina felt very comfortable, loved and cared for she also opened up really well. she was very emotional and teary eyed while talking to our staff. She wishes to walk on her own and be independent.

Our staff comforted her and wiped her tears, they encouraged her and her mother. Our staff continue to visit her every month, taking little gifts with them just to encourage her. CHF extends their support in any way possible to our dear Regina.