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Tata Hospital Patients on the Footpath
CHF makes life easier for cancer patients from different regions lying on the footpath. Read More
Cancer Patients Around Ennore
In honour of World Cancer Day, four Cancer Warriors indulged CHF & shared their stories of courage and hardships. Tune in to listen to the brave women: Graciana (on Catherine's journey), Pandi Selvi, Rama Valli & Vani Chithra. Read More
Friendship Day Celebration among the cancer patients, outside Tata Hospital
CHF celebrated 'Friendship Day' on Saturday, 6th August, 2022, with the cancer patients staying outside Tata Hospital and the children living in the streets. The streets outside Tata Memorial Hospital were lit with music and excitement. The day turned out to be much more exciting than what we had imagined. Read More
Tata Wheelchair donation
On Sunday, 28th August 2022, CHF paid a visit to the cancer patients staying outside on the pavements of Tata Cancer hospital, Mumbai and donated a wheelchair for public use for cancer patients. Read More