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CHF's First Medical Camp at Kattakamanpatti

CHF had taken the initiative to conduct its very first medical camp in Kattakamanpatti on 21st May, 2022. It is a remote village near Ghat road on the way to Kodaikanal in Tamilnadu. The medical camp commenced at 10:30 in the morning. Around 100 people were gathered in the open space near the Taluk office. Two doctors, four nurses, CHF coordinators, staff members and a few volunteers were present.

At first, Mr. James addressed the crowd and explained that this medical camp was exclusively organised for them. Then he welcomed everyone who had gathered there. After that, CHF Dindigul coordinator Mrs. Selvarani honoured the Taluk head Mrs. Maheswari, Dr. Kingsley, Dr. Jasmine, Mr. Milton and Mr.Pravinth with a shawl.

Then, Dr. Jasmine educated the people about the importance of women’s health in our society. She explained that healthy women form healthy families, healthy families form healthy villages and healthy villages form a healthy nation. Later, the medical consultation began with the registration of individuals.  CHF staff members and volunteers helped the crowd in filling forms, guiding them to each step. 

After getting their vitals checked, each one went to consult with the doctors regarding their health issues. Dr. Jasmine consulted many women who came with health complaints. She gave guidance to them  on how to remain healthy and fit. Dr. Kingsley took care of the patients who came with abnormalities in blood sugar and blood pressure. We treated a mixed crowd consisting of children, aged people, sanitation workers, cattle rearers and a couple of them with cognitive disorders.

A woman brought her husband to the camp who became mute after an accidental fall. In addition to this, CHF also provided basic medicines for all the patients who came for the consultation according to the prescription given by our doctors.  Women who came for consultation received iron and calcium supplements from CHF. The camp continued till 3'O clock in the evening. The villagers were very much happy and thankful towards CHF about the medical camp. They are now enquiring when we will be conducting such camps in the near future.