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English classes at CHC

We at Catherine Hope Foundation provide regular spoken English classes for children in Grades VII–IX. As a result of attending government schools, these children have limited opportunities to engage with literate people, which makes it challenging for them to regularly use English.

The children come to the CHF Center, where they connect with the teacher through Zoom. The teachers are our interns who are working with CHF.

The classes are conducted online for thirty minutes every day. During those thirty minutes, the students learn conversational grammar, a new synonym, and have an activity round where they are encouraged to speak in English.

Recently, one such activity included the children bringing a small item along with them for a show-and-tell, in which they showed the class the item they got and used five sentences to describe it in English. The items included a hand mirror, a watch, a teddy bear, a locket, and a pen.

The students are bright and eager to learn.They exhibit dedication and hardwork. We hope that their enthusiasm for studying grows and that they continue to achieve in their academic endeavours.