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Catherine was born on 19th October, 2002, in the city of Mumbai to Selvinson and Graciana. They named her Catherine, meaning ‘pure’ and that is what described her best. She radiated a positive aura and made others feel comfortable with her gentle presence. Catherine was deeply loved by young and old.

Her parents weaved big dreams for her from the time she was born. As she completed every milestone and grew, nothing could stop her. She was intelligent and multi-talented. As much as she soared in academics by achieving the High Achiever award for five straight years, she was also an excellent musician, a sports person, a writer and a baker.

Unfortunately, one fateful day, Catherine suffered from a slight leg pain which did not go even after countless medicines. Upon further medical examination, it was confirmed to be a rare high-grade cancer of the bone. Catherine was confined to a wheelchair for the next eight months undergoing multiple chemotherapies and surgeries. As she was still trying to cope with the trauma of the difficult medical treatments, doctors announced that her left leg had to be amputated to save her life. To everybody’s surprise, Catherine took the news daringly and kept combating her sickness. After the amputation and more treatments, the doctors finally declared her to be cancer-free! It was time for a grand celebration. The family enjoyed a short trip together creating precious memories to cherish later. Catherine rejoined school and became totally independent, walking with her brand-new prosthetic leg. She went to school using public transport, once again took up her hobbies of music and baking and life could not be better! She even stood first in her school in the 10th public examinations.

On her last day of tenth board exams, she experienced an excruciating pain in the left shoulder. Tests revealed that the cancer was back. The family was shattered yet again. Top doctors in Mumbai were consulted and again Catherine was sucked into the vicious cycle of surgeries and chemotherapies which slowly incapacitated her body but not her faith in God. Through all her struggles, she derived an inexplicable strength from God that kept her moving. Even the doctors who had treated her were amazed to see her keep the smile and positivity all the time and told her parents that they are really blessed to have a daughter like her. But her body was too weak to endure anymore pain and it was time for her to bid adieu. Soon after, on 26th February, 2020, she rested in peace.

Catherine wore her smile like her best attire and remained undaunted by any bad news or pain. Even though she faced many heartbreaking setbacks in her life including leg amputation, she neither lost hope nor her smile and never went into depression. She had faith in God and believed that He had a purpose for her life. So, when she met other teenagers and youngsters who felt dejected and purposeless, who battled addiction and depression, she wanted to help them. In her short life on Earth, she comforted and counselled her friends who were going through suicidal thoughts and heart breaks. It was her passion to encourage young people and make them rise up to their full potential. 

Her story has inspired thousands and continues to inspire people to stay positive even when life drags you down. She encouraged and motivated teens and youth to be grateful for what they had and not to become victims of depression. She left her last WhatsApp status as ‘Live every moment’, asking us to value our time with our loved ones and enjoy what we love to do the most.

When Catherine was here on earth, she always had a dream to start a Foundation to help and support the underprivileged. She desired to do so by understanding their pain on a one-on-one basis and help them individually with customized and tailor-made provisions. Now, after Catherine has gone to her eternal abode, her parents Selvinson and Graciana, wish to take up this dream and make it a reality.

Catherine Hope Foundation aims to assist and transform the lives of the underprivileged, provide a holistic development plan for the differently-abled, give medical aid to poor cancer patients who are undergoing treatment, counsel people struggling with depression and any other impoverished citizens with dire needs. CHF will continue with an undaunting spirit, the inspirational legacy which Catherine has left behind in this world.

The Little Fox

                                         – By Catherine Selvinson

 The little fox

“Mother please let me die.”

Said the little fox in his mind

For if he said it aloud,

His mother would cry.

Everyday his parents were sad,

Because they loved their little one.

But that made the fox sad.

He dreamt everything would be well,

Just like the old days

But all his dreams fell.

He wondered if there is a God above

So that one day when he goes there

With reverence and love to Him he would bow.

Now this was his new dream

That when he will fight the good fight and finish the race,

He would go there and say,

“To my Father be all the praise!”