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From Despair to Hope

Housing work done by Catherine Hope Foundation in Theni District

Laksmi is a resident of Genguvarpatti which is a village in Theni District in the foothills of Kodaikanal. She got married and had a baby girl. Unfortunately, within a few years of her marriage, her husband deserted her and her child also passed away at the tender age of two. This sent Lakshmi into a shock and she suffered a stroke which affected her arm and leg on one side. Now unable to fend for herself, she tried to contact her relatives for some support. But they also forsook her and she found herself on the streets. She had been homeless for many years. She would take refuge in the verandah of a house at night to sleep as she had no place to stay.

So, as our first project CHF built a small cement house with an attached toilet for her to stay.