Catherine’s Third Anniversary

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Catherine’s Third Anniversary

26th of February, 2023 marked the third anniversary of Catherine's homegoing. As we remember her and her tremendously impactful life, we had a small programme at the Center. Catherine's Grandparents Mr. Milton, Mr. Sukumaran and Mrs. Pamela Sukumaran came to the Center for this special programme. The students and the staff at Ennore spoke about how they have been encouraged and inspired by her life. They also together watched the YouTube documentary on Catherine's life.

Mrs Sukumaran spoke about Catherine's life and how she always had faith and hope and never gave up.

As a part of the celebration of her life and legacy, we distributed packages of groceries and essentials that included rice, wheat, sugar, pulses, a beautiful refrigerator magnet and lots of toiletries for each student. We also served them tasty snacks.

Catherine has and always will remain in our hearts as we continue to cherish her memories.