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Monthly Healthy Grains

In May 2021, we launched a new programme called the Monthly Healthy Grains Programme. This program is specifically aimed to help our children with special needs. We are supporting them monthly with healthy food items to enable them to lead a healthier life. Our package contains a variety of pulses, health supplements like Manna health mix, channa, nuts, fruits, honey and dates. Arokiyam, from Tirunelveli, is a 15-year-old boy with special needs whose parents are deceased. He lives with his grandfather who works as a daily wage labourer to support. This young boy is both physically and mentally challenged and cannot do anything on his own. He depends on his grandfather for everything. He is the first beneficiary of CHF’s Healthy Grains Programme.

Another such boy whose story broke our hearts is Paul Ebenezar. Paul is also a 15-year-old boy with special needs. When he was two and a half years old, due to the negligence of doctors, he was administered a wrong injection which complicated his health and led to him becoming disabled forever. His monthly healthy supplements for food are being met by CHF. 

We also met Ranga and Rohin, young children with special needs. Ranga was born mute while Rohin was born mentally challenged. Rohin always has a warm smile and welcomes everyone with cheerful laughter. Rohin also loves to pose for the camera. Our hearts ached to see such lovely children endure pain. These children suffer from adverse effects of poverty and thus lack access to nutritious food. Our Healthy Grains Programme helps these children regularly have proper access to nutritious food supplements. 

With support from our donors, we are now able to expand this programme throughout our fields and include many more children into our care through our Monthly Healthy Grains Programme. We met and interacted with children with special needs and have included them in our programme. With further support from you, we will be able to add many such mentally challenged children who are waiting to be added to the Programme. When you send your donations, please mention 'Healthy Grains Programme'.