Shubham is a 20-year-old college student from Jharkhand who battled against testicular cancer. In December 2021, while Shubham was studying in BSC second year, he first experienced severe discomfort and pain, which gradually got worse.


After the FNSC test, the doctors diagnosed him with testicular cancer. He was devastated and shocked upon hearing the news, and he believed that there was no hope for him. He was advised by the doctors to visit the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. Shubham and his mother arrived in Mumbai in February 2022. Multiple tests were conducted, and the results proved the presence of cancer and the need for surgical removal of the left testes. He believed he would recover completely after the surgery, but instead, his life continued to deteriorate. 


Then, his four-cycle chemotherapy treatment began in March and ended in June. People around him taunted him saying that his body would burn and that his hands and legs would shorten during the extremely painful chemo treatments. He went through a lot of physical and mental trauma and experienced severe weakness during the treatment.


He was greatly delighted when the doctors told him that he would be discharged after the treatment. Just before they could discharge him, a CT scan revealed a lymphoid in his stomach which usually develops with this type of cancer and needed to be surgically removed. Additionally, they discovered a node in his chest which appeared to be an infection. The doctors concluded that the cancer may return if it is not surgically removed. Unfortunately, his surgery got delayed as he was diagnosed with malaria and other illnesses one after the other. But they finally performed the surgery and it was a huge success! 


We supported Shubham by providing him with protein powder kits and also by helping him to pay the accommodation expenses. He is now back home after his treatment. His parents expressed their deepest gratitude to us on our final meeting, for all the support we had given him during these difficult times.