Reetu was a 22-year-old cancer patient from Uttar Pradesh (UP) who was undergoing treatment for Osteosarcoma. She got married on 7th May 2021, during the lockdown. Within a month of their marriage, she started experiencing swelling and pain in her leg. Locally in the village, they tied her leg with a rope and twisted it which broke the lump. They conducted an emergency surgery in Allahabad, in which she was diagnosed with cancer. From March 2022 onwards, she experienced severe pain and was unable to walk. From Chitrakoot to Mumbai, they travelled by bus and train, and her husband Suresh carried her everywhere.

Suresh works as a painter and they come from a low-income background. They came for her treatment at Tata Hospital in May and stayed on the footpath outside the hospital. As she was unable to walk, Suresh helped her by carrying her in his arms whenever she needed to go to the bathroom. Since the time she received a cancer diagnosis, he never left her side or abandoned her.

During the rainy season it was difficult for her to stay on the pavements, especially as she was unable to walk. Reetu was our first cancer patient for whom we provided accommodation and covered the cost of rent.

One fine morning her husband called up saying that Reetu had unfortunately passed away in her sleep. We simply found it impossible to accept her passing away.

CHF provided all arrangements for Suresh to take her body home to Chitrakoot in UP. We also gave him all the financial support he needed for the journey.

Suresh has been really supportive to her along this tragic journey and he never gave up on her. We admire Suresh for lovingly taking care of his wife during the difficult moments in her life. Even though she had passed away from the face of the Earth, she will always remain in our hearts. May Reetu’s soul rest in peace. Love and prayers from CHF staff and volunteers.