We met Kunta from Maharashtra who was studying in 10th grade and had also been diagnosed with bone cancer in her knee. Due to the tumour near her knee, they had to amputate the middle part of her leg and her ankle had been substituted for her knee in a surgery that is called as rotationplasty. 


We identified Kunta while she was staying on the footpath with her parents for a month after her surgery. She needed to use a wheelchair since she was immobile even to use the public washroom at all times. So, we provided Kunta with 100% room accommodation and covered the rent expenses.


We have a very close relationship with her, and consider her as our family. She opened up to us and talked whenever she felt low, which made her feel better. We occasionally prepared the food items she loves the most. Kunta often reminds Graciana and Selvinson of their daughter Catherine. 


She found hope in every route of her sorrow, and she was always confident that she will recover quickly, and would reunite with her family and achieve her goals. We have always enjoyed conversing with her and spending time with her. She was cheerful and graceful and even though she was in pain she chose to remain happy and hopeful. After all her chemo cycles, she is now back in her village reunited with her family.