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Gauri Shankar is a 32-year-old cancer patient and a father of three children from Jharkhand. In 2021, he was diagnosed with a tumour on his left shoulder, and he travelled to Banaras to have it surgically removed. 


Everything was going smoothly until January 2022, when the tumour in his shoulder started growing again. Many advised him to seek treatment at Tata Cancer Hospital in Mumbai. 


In May 2022, he came to Mumbai to undergo the required procedure. Due to the scarcity of rooms at Tata Hospital, he stayed on the streets amidst heavy rains and sweltering heat for many months. Several patients were being treated at the hospital; hence, his procedure was ultimately completed in September 2022 after a lengthy delay. Gauri Shankar received financial assistance from CHF for the cost of his surgery, and it was a great success! 


We provided him with room accommodation so that he can stay out of the footpath till his wounds heal, and all bandages are removed. He is currently awaiting post-surgery chemotherapy treatment from the accommodation that CHF provides for him. It is indeed a joy to see Gauri Shankar free from his tumour!